SHO Digital Instrument Cluster Install


Who shoud try this install?

If you can properly install an aftermarket car stereo, you can install a digital dash. You must be able to disasemble the dashboard, make proper electrical connections and be able to identify wires in a harness (its not really that hard).


What do I need to do this install?


Screwdrivers, Torx wrenches, wire cutter, wire stripper, terminal crimpers, pliers, deep well sockets and rachet (for Temp sensor), multi meter (nothing special, $10 Radio Shack one will work), and soldering iron (only if you would rather solder the connections)


Instrument cluster, (the correct cluster was used in Taurus/Sable cars from 90-95, older (90-91) cluster may have a green display and newer (92-95) will have a blue-green display), both wiring connectors for the cluster (make sure you get enough wire to work with, 6-8 inches should be enough), chime module (see picture below for location), the connector for the chime module, a 2 pin connector for temperature sensor and the temperature sensor OR the 1 wire sensor from the donor car, the dash trim bezel, the 4 button dash control module to the right of the cluster, the connector to the JBL amp in the trunk with about 6 inches of wire (trust me on this), butt splices or wire taps (depending if you cut off the old wiring or just tap into the old wiring), and electrical tape.

You are going to find the digital clusters in Sables more often than Taurus. Look for a Taurus LX, Sable LS, or flex fuel vehicles. Those are more likely to have a digital cluster though it is possible to find one in a Taurus GL or Sable GS.

Here is the location of the chime module. This picture was taken with the drivers knee panel removed and is facing the drivers side of the center console.

Please read the entire procedure before you start tearing into you car.