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Long time no see for me! I have had numerous requests recently for Cocktail table kits so I am planning to start producing them by the end of January. I am tweaking the design to make them a bit easier to put together and to make them shippable without costing a fortune ship. The kit will include the following:

All panels pre cut and ready to assemble

Steel corner brackets and screws

Special hinges for lid

Interior lid latches

Glass clips and screws


Plastic lenses for control panel lighting

Template for glass top (any glass store should be able to cut the glass for you)

You will need to supply all electronic hardware and wood glue.

Tools needed:

Screwdriver, hand drill (for drilling button and joystick mounting holes, and jig saw (for cutting monitor and coin door opening).

The only fabrication you will need to do is make a small stand for the monitor. Since there are many different sizes and types of monitors I cannot supply a stand for the monitor. I can help and send plans of I get measurements for you. I can pre cut openings for monitors, coin doors, speakers, ect. and holes for buttons, joysticks, ect. to your specifications. Interested individuals should e-mail me for more information.


Thanks to everyone that has e-mailed me about my page! I'm still proceeding with the Cocktail table kits, $100 seems to be the right price for a kit, so if anyone is interested drop me an e-mail. I've added thumbnail pics on the Upright page and will soon add them to all the other pages. Oh and by the way MAME V.58 is out, grab it at the official MAME web site.


Its been a few since the last update. I'm considering selling Cocktail table kits for around the $100 mark plus shipping. The kits would include all the wood parts pre-cut with interior braces and the special hinges for the top. Also included would be a template for getting the glass cut. Custom designs are welcome. If there are any takers or just want to ask a question just drop me an e-mail.


Updated the Cocktail, Upright, and Drawings pages. Also corrected some typos (thanks PJ).


Welcome to my arcade cabinet building site! Since this site is under construction and is not complete, don't expect things to work correctly right now. I have completed an upright cabinet with rotating monitor and a few desktop joysticks and am currently working on a cocktail table. Check out the Drawings link for plans of each of my projects. Happy building!