Upright page

Its the standard excuse:   Wow!   Mame looks just like the real thing, but this keyboard does no justice to the games at all. So what else to do but build an arcade cabinet. I build the upright and forgot to take any pictures (oops). But I have plans for it on the drawings page.

Where to begin? I started out by scouring the net for plans for a cab. After seeing Mr.SaLTy's Defender cab I decided to make a similar one. I drew some plans roughly based on a Defender and went at it from there.

After the sawdust cleared and the wiring was in place, this is what I have to show for my effort: modular control panels, rotating monitor and, of coarse, lighted push buttons! (I love lighted push buttons)

Here's an inside shot, cheap-o PC chips mobo with a Celeron 300A over clocked to 450, 128 megs of ram, 6.2 gig HD, and a slightly used Clarion car EQ/amp.

Its the little extras that personalize a cab to it owner.