SHO Digital Instrument Cluster Install


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Wiring diagrams and Checklists


Extra Wiring Install

Lamp Out wiring.

Since the old cluster only had 1 light for the lamp out module and the digital cluster has individual readouts for front and rear a minor modification is needed to the wiring. The lamp out module is located above the glove box. Locate the Yellow w/ Red stripe wire that is looped to the Red w/ Light Green stripe wire. Cut the Yellow w/ Red stripe wire and attach it to pin 5 on connector B of the digital cluster wiring.

VSS (vehicle speed sensor) connection.

Since the digital cluster does not use a speedometer cable, it gets it information directly from the EEC (electronic engine controller). Run a wire from EEC pin 3 to pin 12 on connector B of the digital cluster wiring.

Fuel Flow connection.

There is no wiring for the fuel flow connection (EEC pin 34) in an SHO EEC harness. Unhook the EEC connector from the EEC. Pop the rear cover off the connector. You should see a plate where the wires exit the plug. Find where pin 34 should be and either drill a hole or just break away the separator until you expose the open hole. Flip the connector over and pry out the red pin locking plate (be VERY carful not to pull on the wires too much as they can now pop out of the connector). Take a pin from the JBL harness (they come out the same way) and snap it into place at the pin 34 location. Re-insert the pin lock and snap the rear cover back together. Reconnect the EEC connection and attach the new pin 34 to pin 11 on connector B of the digital cluster wiring.

Temperature Sensor connection.

The digital cluster requires a different sensor for the temperature gauge. The correct sensor can either be remover for the donor car (this is plug and play I think, I did not have one to try) or you can use the same sensor as the EEC temperature sensor (that's what I did). Remove the existing gauge sensor. Its the one near the thermostat, not the one near the firewall. Replace it with one like the rear sensor (yes it will just there right in). The new one has a 2 wire connection vs 1 wire for the old one. Attach the 2 wire connector to the sensor and connect one lead to the existing sensor connection and ground the other lead.


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