SHO Digital Instrument Cluster Install


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Dash Trim Install


This section can vary greatly depending on what car you got the parts from, what car you are putting it into and how you want to mount the function buttons. Most likely you got your parts out of a Sable which has a completely different dash. You will have to cut the button housing out of the old Sable bezel and mount it into your bezel. If you actually found a Taurus with a digital dash and its not the correct one for your car, don't just cut it up, you might be able to sell it or trade for a Sable one to someone that could use it as is. There are 3 different scenarios:

1) You found the correct bezel for you car. You will either have to live with the fake wood (yea right!) or you can VERY carefully pull the metal cover off of you SHO bezel and put it on the digital bezel. It may require a bit if trimming around the function button area or it may not. This procedure is for the 90-91 1st gen cars, since I have never messed with a 2nd gen bezel I don't know if it comes apart this way or not.

2) This is what I did: I got my parts from a Sable, I took the metal face off of the Sable bezel and cut out the section where the buttons mount. I then CAREFULLY removed my metal face from my SHO bezel and cut out the necessary section of the bezel. I put the metal face back on and then glued the button bracket in place. If you do this you will notice that the "walls" are different depths. You will have to get inventive on how to resolve this. The easy way is to trim the new section down to the same height, fill the seam with JB weld, sand smooth, and use black texture paint. Next get black stick on weatherstripping and use that to fill the 1/2" gap between the bezel and the cluster. Other ways are to extend the walls to fill the gap (I would use fiberglass), make spacers to bring the cluster out to the bezel, or make a cover kinda like the one over the old gauges to fill in the space.

3) Remote mounting the buttons. Maybe your buttons are damaged or you don't want to cut you bezel. You can always make a custom button panel to mount the function buttons elsewhere. Then there are only 2 things to deal with: the 1/2" gap (see above) and the fact that the right side is now about 3/4" too for to the right and it does not cover the connector for the buttons up. Easy way is to just use the weatherstripping and "fudge it" around the connector (you may want to even pull the connector out of the cluster to make it a smoother connection). Another way is to move the connector, fill in the white exposed area and then use spacers to move the cluster out to the bezel.

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